Seattle, WA — TheFormTool, LLC announced today it’s first-ever price increase for its flagship document assembly and automation software, Doxserá®. Until January 21, 2016 Doxserá remains  priced at $89; then its annual license will be $129, with volume and enterprise discounts available.

“In its first two years Doxserá® has exceeded all of our initial goals,” commented Bob Christensen, Director of Customer Service for the firm. “It is amazingly easy to use but powerful, and has found homes that range in size and complexity from solo law firms to some of the largest financial, energy, and retail companies in the world. Given its acceptance and the features that have been added in more than 20 updates, it’s time for Doxserá’s® price to more nearly match it’s performance.”

Doxserá® performs all of the functions of its older brother, TheFormTool PRO™, including text replacement; management of articles, plurals and pronouns; full Boolean conditional logic; Math; Date Offsets; metadata scrubbing, and more. In addition, Doxserá allows the simultaneous creation of multiple related documents. It enables a document to reach outside itself to find, select, and incorporate text and graphics based on need. It allows administrative locks and a choice whether an enterprise’s license applies to machines or users.

“We’re amazed nearly daily at the variety of uses customers have found for Doxserá,” Christensen added, “legal forms, of course, but also RFPs and bids, safety manuals for deep sea drilling rigs, risk assessments for fire and earthquake, QC reports for pharmaceuticals, and automated spec sheets, bills of material and price sheets for large data centers. There’s just no end to the productivity people have achieved with a tool so simple anyone can master it but at the same time so powerful.”