Owner of DocAssembly.Guru named Certified Creator: Intelligent Forms

Seattle, WA  — TheFormTool, LLC is pleased to announce the graduation of Bill Cutchin of Tallahassee, Florida from its expert-level training course and his consequent recognition with the designation of Certified Creator: Intelligent Forms. The course is comprehensive and challenging; it requires more than 100 hours of study, mastering dozens of features and functions, creation and donation of two original forms for free use by TheFormTool’s user community, a grueling written test, and an interview.

While some graduates from the course often serve as a a trainer or “in house guru” for their employee, others, such as Mr. Cutchin, are available for hire by firms looking for an expert to quickly create an initial library of intelligent forms™ for immediate use.

“Bill is pretty typical of our certification students,” comments Bob Christensen, Director of Customer Service for TheFormTool, LLC and instigator behind the course. “He has years of experience in the legal industry and business, is an expert in both word processing and forms creation, and is enthusiastic about the benefits that users experience with TheFormTool PRO and Doxserá.

“The enthusiasm is reciprocal,” Christensen added. “With his certificate in hand, we enjoy referring our customers to Bill’s firm. In fact, TheFormTool, LLC was itself among his new customers immediately after he was awarded his certificate.”

About DocAssembly.Guru

DocAssembly.Guru takes the documents you are already using and converts them to document assembly templates using either HotDocs, TheFormTool, or Doxserá. Then, by answering a few questions, a completely accurate Microsoft Word document is created with all the changed information in the proper places. docassembly.guru/