Taking customers from “the basics to rocket science” and beyond

Seattle (January 27, 2016) — TheFormTool, LLC, a leader in document assembly and automation technology, is pleased to announce the launch of its proprietary The Learning Curve™ , an online training tutorial covering all aspects of its popular software. The course is organized into easily assimilated subject-specific videos lessons grouped by levels of sophistication as well as by subject matter.

The videos average less than ten minutes and the course is completely free to owners of its software.

TLC StudentOwners can browse through seven “grade levels” of material from very basic descriptions of document assembly to complex technical demonstrations of how to maximize the power of the programs. Students can search keywords for lessons or subjects of special interest. Or, they can “take the course” by starting at the beginning and proceeding through the syllabus to whatever level answers their needs and curiosity.

“TheFormTool PRO and Doxserá are unique in that they don’t require complete mastery in order to benefit from their use.,” says Bob Christensen, Director of Customer Service for the firm. “Enormous value can be achieved at every level of experience, even as little as ten minutes.

“We’ve worked for more than a year to create a completely personalized approach to training, one where the customer decides how much learning is appropriate—perhaps ten minutes, perhaps much more—on whatever pace and schedule best fit.”

Firm or corporate customers can choose between individualized or class environments, with unlimited opportunities for customized scheduling and training depths.

When combined with TheFormTool’s new CC:ID certification program and its weekly live digital open house for customers’ questions from around the world, the firm’s training assets are the most comprehensive and effective in the document assembly and office productivity space.