The world is awash in data. Finally, a tool to make it useful

Seattle (August 2, 2016) — TheFormTool, LLC, a leader in document assembly and automation technology, is pleased to announce the release of Doxserá DB 2.0, its most robust software for creating intelligent documents. Doxserá DB 2.0 adds the ability to access SQL and ACCESS databases to its previous connectivity with Excel spreadsheets, introduced with Doxserá DB’s introduction one month ago.

Doxserá DB offers all the features and functions of its older document assembly and automation siblings, TheFormTool PRO and Doxserá®, including conditional text, lists, date offsets, math, pronouns, and scores of others. Dox DB adds the ability to access millions of data points to create millions of documents for millions of recipients.

Doxserá DB allows easy access, it takes only seconds to “point” a form to Excel or ACCESS or, with the authorized DSN or connection code, to a SQL database. Then, the form author, a user, or the form itself can find and upload the data, relate it to other data elsewhere, or use it to autonomously decide how it should construct itself for each use and each audience member.

“With the release of Doxserá DB,” comments Bob Christensen, Director of Customer Service for the firm, “we’ve completed the third leg of our triad strategy to supply document assembly and automation programs to answer the needs of users at every level. Whether for an estate lawyer in Orlando; a world-wide energy firm; insurance companies in Sydney, London, and New York; a bank in Luxembourg; or an investment house in Abu Dhabi, our software is the modern answer for creating and using repetitive documents.

“Whether the need is for two or three single-page documents each  month or hundreds of complex forms each day, one of our packages will fit,” he adds. “The three programs offer best in class positions in each of the four critical product decision points — ease of use, power, flexibility, and affordability — for every case.”

A case study illustrating Doxserá DB’s amazing very first commercial use,  Doxserá DB Hits a Home Run on its Very First Use, is available for download, without registration, on its Home page.

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