How To Increase Office Productivity Using Our Software

Time is a valuable commodity, yet many businesses struggle to find enough of this resource to develop their business.

The digitalization of documentation has improved the sharing of information, making it quicker; however, the procedures involved with the collation, organization and production of these documents are still creating inefficiencies.

The administration process associated with report creation, whether a 300 word executive summary, or a 50,000 word whitepaper, and the separation of data and manual population creates a disjointed working methodology, resulting in staff frustration.

Improve Office Efficiency

Businesses can save on average 71% of their time and financial resources when they focus on restructuring their administration – streamlining their processes to increase their efficiency.

For organisations to achieve this there are a number of variables to consider:

·         Storing & Collating Data

Data stored on multiple documents and systems results in additional time being required to search for the appropriate information; data will then need to be processed and formatted appropriately.

·         Document Production

Once information has been curated, appropriate documentation will need to be produced.  Templates made in standard word processing software or spreadsheets will create difficulties when importing data from other programms.

·         Verification Checks

With each new document created manually, verification checks will be required to ensure quality and consistency. Any professional documentation that is produced  forms part of a corporation’s brand image; therefore standardizing documentation is imperative to maintain the high level of professionalism portrayed to customers and competitors.

What Office Productivity Tools Can I Use?

Software such as TheFormTool PRO and Doxserá introduces an element of vital automation which increases the speed of document creation while regulating the content.

These tools ensure the following:

·         One Location For Storing Data

Vital information stored on your system can now be found in one central location, enabling quicker searching and greater efficiency when collating data.

·         Automated Document Creation

Pre-made templates, which automatically populate sections and fields, speed up the process to produce bespoke documentation. For businesses, this enables more time for staff building client relations, rather than administration.

·         Accuracy

Manual checking of documentation is eliminated through automation. TheFormTool PRO and Doxserá, provide solutions by automating not only the population of fields, but also the calculations required to create the data. This will reduce the amount of errors in documents , streamline your processes, and enable a faster turnaround for your administrative procedures.

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