A Guarantee Like No Other

We guarantee that Doxserá will make your firm more money in its first 30 days than its total purchase price or we’ll buy it for you. You can keep the program and your purchase price.

Simple and Straightforward

Whether you purchase one license or 1,000, in its first 30 days Doxserá will add more to your earnings than its purchase price.

The Mechanics

You’ll be the sole judge. If after 30 days you determine that Doxserá has not paid for itself, notify service@theformtool.com. We’ll return your purchase price and you keep your Doxserá.

Fine Print

This guarantee applies to first time full-price purchases of Doxserá and must be exercised between 30 days and 45 days of purchase.

The Story

Over the past six years we’ve listened to hundreds of our customers say, “This changes everything.” Even more have voted with their wallets, renewing their Doxserá subscriptions each year.

How can we best share that confidence with you?

By supporting that confidence with the strongest possible no-risk guarantee: Doxserá will make more money for you than it costs, much more, with a payback period of less than one month.

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