Using Automation Technology in the Legal Industry

How to improve productivity in the legal industry. TheFormTool allows you to quickly create intelligent forms and documents; wills, divorces, leases, contracts, plus much more. Check out this recent presentation on Slideshare on the state of productivity in the legal industry – and how TheFormTool can help improve it.



What’s new in the Service Center

We’re constantly adding information, directions and examples to the Service Center in response to customer’s questions and suggestions. We often harvest several videos from our live presentations on the Learning Curve each Wednesday morning and post them under the two dozen subject-specific categories on the Service Center. All the subjects and contents are keyword searchable…


Our Four New Videos are “Force Multipliers” for Users

Our webinar Not for the Faint of Heart for experienced and expert users of TheFormTool PRO and Doxserá was an outstanding success. It will probably be the first in a series of “How-to” demonstrations for the rocket scientists among us, users who want to be artists of document assembly, and the merely curious who wonder…


TheFormTool and Doxserá Now Run on Linux!

We’ve had enormous success with hundreds of Mac owners running TheFormTool and Doxserá with Word for Windows®. Now, with a little help from CrossOver® developed by Codeweavers, it’s time to spread the magic to Linux® operators. To make this work, you’ll need: a relatively new version of Linux, CrossOver 13.x or better, Word 2007 or…