Good News for Clio Users

At least hundreds, perhaps thousands, of our customer firms in the legal services area are also customers of Themis Solutions’ Clio practice management system. Clio is the best in its space, so it’s no surprise that our customers would favor it. We think highly of Clio and regard its management team as friends, so it’s…


The three immutable rules for evaluating web-based technology for lawyers

The three rules for evaluating web-based technology offerings to lawyers are infallible and immutable.

1.    If the language is highfaluting, then it probably requires consultants to install, initiate, and maintain.
2.    If you can’t understand the value proposition, there isn’t one.
3.    If they don’t show their prices, you can’t afford it.

Any questions?

Eight ways to stay up to date with new items at TheFormTool, LLC

News happens in real time. Here’s how to stay informed without being overwhelmed Thanks to our enthusiastic customers, now representing more than 40 countries and more than 200 truly fascinating industries, there seems to be something new to share almost weekly. Recently, merely keeping up with it all has been a royal chore, with hundreds…


Doxserá DB 2.0 is here!

It’s hard to relate to Dox DB on two very different levels. It was tempting to headline this post as “Doxserá DB is complete!” On the one hand, it is. On the other, though, it will never be complete but always improving. We already have a full year’s worth of improvements and enhancements laid out…


We recommend you update to correct a significant bug

We’ve discovered a significant bug that was inadvertently introduced in versions 3.0 of TheFormTool PRO and Doxserá®. This bug causes Singular/Plural Fields that are based on Smart Answers that include Text With Pronoun ansers to produce incorrect results. We recommend that all users update their copies of TheFormTool PRO and Doxserá® as soon as possible.…